Kingzenoheld-“ you guys failed to get Drago again?!” yelling

Mylene-“it wasn’t our fault sir…”

???-“yeah King zenoheld they did worst” laughs a girl with pink hair and a pink hair band that looks like cat ears stand near the door.

Mylene-“grr…I see your back from your mission, Mariah”

Mariah-“yep” as a bakugan appeared on her shoulder in ball form

Hao’s bakugan-“and we caught a few good ones”

Kingzenoheld-“you guys can learn from Mariah”

Mariah-“hey Shadow”

Shadow-“hey Mariah”as Mariah prounced on Shadow and the two was acting like lion cubs playing around.

Mylene-“you want us to act like that?”

Kingzenoheld sighed-“or maybe not….Mariah Hunter!” as Mariah stoped and saluted

Mariah-“yes sir!”

Kingzenoheld-“your mission is to get the bakugan Drago from the resistance”


Mylene-“WHAT?! She can’t even handle this mission”

Mariah-“oh really? Then why am I stronger than you, A rank vexos and able to clear all my missions”

Lync-“I’ll place a bet on Mariah anyday”

Shadow-“I bet on mylene” as they placed money down

Spectra-“you’re all a bunch of kids”

Mariah,Mylene,Shadow and Lync-“WHAT?!”

Kingzenoheld-“thank you Spectra, Mariah do your mission”

Mariah-“yes sir, I wont fail you sir!” saluting and running off to the teleporter.

Hao’s bakugan-“that was funny you should have fight her though”

Mariah-“no too easy, hat whip and lazer of her’s I can dodge” as she stepped in the teleporter and went to Vestroia.


The Ressistance was relaxing since they beat the vexos already.

Dan-“what a day, we battled the vexos who can never beat us and won”

Mira-“don’t be so over confident there is one more vexos I did warn you about…”

Marucho-“really who?”

Ace-“Mariah hunter, she’s a new vexos brawler”

Baron-“and a hao’s type user, but we hardly think you’ll see her”


Mira-“cause she’s only on serious missions to get strong Bakugan”

Dan-“are you saying Drago’s not strong?!” yellling

Mira sweatdrops-“no I’m not saying that” -_-‘

Ace-“what she’s saying is she doubt we’ll see her cause the vexos wont call someone that seroious”

???-“Help! Help!” cried a bakugan

Drago-“what’s wrong?”

Baron-“you’re a Hao’s Bakugan”

(Mariah’s Bakugan)-“I’m Hao’s Cleopatra or Cleo my human partner is trapped in the Alley some Vexos are attacking her”

Mira-*that Bakugan looks farmilar…*

Dan-“we’ll help, show us the way”

Cleo-*suckers* “sure” as she flew off as everyone followed to a dark alley.

Dan-“where is your friend?”

???-“right here” as they looked up and saw Mariah.

Mira-“Mariah Hunter!”

Marucho-“your Mariah Hunter?”

Mariah-“yes and my bakugan Cleo”

Cleo-“you fell for our trap”

Shun-“I guess since the vexos sent you guys there desperate”

Mariah-“you can say that but I’m third best after all my A rank missions” jumps from the roof to the top of a barrel then sits and crosses legs. “So whose gonna battle moi?”

Dan-“I will to get that cocky smile off your face”

Mariah-“it’s on” as her cat eyes turn sharp as a cat “by the way I’m a merciless as Shadow prove and Mylene so uh…don’t be surprised when your bakugan is mine”

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