Janet and Ren arrived to Earth in the not so finished Bakugan Interspace.

Janet-“woah what a dump, it could use some decorations”

Ren-“be quiet and leave the talking to me” whispers

Janet-“whatever…” she stopped walking when she saw 3 humans one that looked like a ninja, the other a short blond and the other was a brown haired kid wearing a red clothes. “that’s the one Lumagrowl” Lumagrowl jumped on her shoulder.


Janet-“that’s the guy I saw in my dream…”

Brown hair boy-“who are you two?”

Ren-“are you the Bakugan Battle Brawlers?”

Ninja boy-“yes and who are you guys?”

Ren-“I’m Ren Krawler, this is my assistant Janet Surrow”

Janet-*who the hell is he calling a Assistant?* “hello” bows while keeping her cool.

Brown hair boy-“I’m Dan Kuso and these are my friends Shun Kazami…” points to the ninja “and Marucho” points to the short boy “and my partner Drago”

Drago-“nice to meet you”

Lumagrowl-“nice to meet you too”

Marucho-“thanks but Bakugan Interspace is not opened up to the Public yet” Janet and Ren looked at each other and nodded.

Janet-“we thought so…where is your computer we have something you should use” Marucho looked at Dan and Shun who shrugged.

Marucho-“okay follow me” they all followed him to a room. Full of Machines and computers “what are you two gonna do?” Janet walked over to the computer and connected a cord to her watch.A DNA pattern appeared on screen. “T-that’s the Phantom Data it’s the perfect match”

Janet-“yes now you can finish making Bakugan….Bakugan…”

Marucho-“Bakugan Interspace”

Ren-“we’ll even give you guys data on the bakugan”

Janet-“yes we got all data on Bakugan guys could need”


Dan-“thanks but where did you two get that much data?” Janet started to get nervous, while Ren noticed and took over the conversation.

Ren-“we have our sources so will you let us help or not?”

Marucho-“of course” holds out hand “welcome to the Battle Brawlers” as Janet and Ren shook his hand.

Ren and Janet-“thanks”

To be continued….

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