Boy-“ability Activate Cross Fire” a X cross of flames came out of a dragon Pyrus Bakugan and hit another Pyrus Bakugan.

Girl-“NO! Pyrus Lumagrowl!” Lumagrowl turned back to ballform.

???-“sis! Sis!”

Girl-“huh? Zenet?”

End of Dream…

Zenet-“sis!” her older sister woke up.

Girl-“huh? What?”

Zenet-“you had another nightmare”


Lena-“you always have 50% nightmares and 50% Dreams”

Girl-“and that’s suppose to mean???” confused

Lena-“you always have nightmares and dreams that you should know are never true or real” sitting in a chair, they were in the girls room the boys room was next door. “Snap out of it Janet” Janet got up from her bed and tap her bakugan that was next to her to wake it up.

Janet-“sorry ill go to Miss Kazarina to tell her about it maybe she can do something”

Zenet-“hm…hey what did you dream about this time?” drinking soda

Janet-“I was battling a Pyrus brawler and he beat me and Lumagrowl” the bakugan got up and floated to her face.

Bakugan-“you get a nightmare about that? You need to let Kazarina examine your head I wont lose to any bakugan”

Janet-“but the guy was a human…”

???-“A human brawler that beat you…that’s another one of your “dreams” Janet?” one of the boys walked into the room it was Ren Krawler the Darkus Brawler (hey that rhymed!)

Lena-“what are you doing here?”

Zenet-“yeah! Don’t you know this is a girls only zone”

Ren-“sorry, but Janet Emperor Barodious wants to see us”

Janet-“what now?” gets out of bed and grabs Lumagrowl.

Ren-“we have a mission” leaves room.

Zenet-“hahaha good luck”

Janet-“be quiet pip squeak” leaves and follows Ren.

Throne Room…

Emperor Barodius, Gill and Kazarina was waiting for Ren and Janet who kneeled before them.

Ren and Janet-:”yes Emperor?”

Emperor Barodious-“go to Earth and convince the humans to join us in the war against neathiea”

Janet-*damn it another war? Ever since this guy has become Emperor it has been one war after the other*

Ren-“yes sir we understand right Janet?”

Janet-“yeah sure”

Emperor-“and don’t fail”

Janet-“we wont, Lumagrowl”


Lumagrowl and Linehalt-“Got it” as they teleported to earth.

To be continued…

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