Dan, Marucho and Jake were walking around Bakugan Interspace when they saw Janet.

Dan-“Janet!” he called, then Janet turned around and saw them.They walked over to her.

Janet-“Dan! Marucho!” she faked smile

Lumagrowl-“remember Ren said you have to try and fit in on Earth, don’t make a fake expression.” He whispered.

Janet-“oh yeah” whispers and smiles

Dan-“this is Jake he’s a newbie brawler and he’s learning about Bakugan Interspace”

Jake-“hello nice to meet…you”

Janet smiled-“nice to meet you too Jake, Dan do you mind if we have a little Brawl”

Dan-“okay sure”

Marucho-“why do you want to brawl all of a sudden?”

Janet-*to kick Dan’s butt* she thought “Lumagrowl needs the exercise”

Lumagrol-“what?! No I don’t! I shouldn’t deal with this weakling”

Drago-“weakling?!” getting angry

Jake-“woah he can talk too?”

Marucho-“of course he can he’s alive Bakugan”

Ren-“hey what’s up guys?” walks over

Dan-“hey Ren, Janet thinks she can beat me in a brawl” Ren looked at her with a serious expression.

Ren-“oh really?”

Janet smirked at him-“is their something wrong with that Ren?” Dan, Jake and Marucho looked at eachother then to the two as Ren growled then sighed trying to keep his cool.

Ren-“no theirs nothing wrong…let’s go to the battle arena”

Janet-“good and Yay!” as they walked to the arena. The place was crowded with people in the stands ready to see the next battle.

Dan-“Man Marucho this place is…” as Janet grabbed his arm and went to the stage “Slow down Janet!”

Janet-“no way the more you talk the less we battle!” *Man I do act like my sis* she thought

Annouser-“this battle is Janet Surrow vs. Dan Kuso! Let the battle begin!* the crowd cheered.

Janet-“*let’s see if he’s really the “Greatest brawler on Earth” he claims to be* as Janet kissed her gate card “gate card set” she set the gate card “bakugan brawl stand Pyrus Lumagrowl” Lumagrowl stood and howled

.Dan-“Bakugan Brawl stand Helix Dragonoid” Drago stood. Shun who was already done with his battle came to watch the brawl.

Shun-“hey guys what’s going on?”he sees Dan and Janet about to brawl.

Marucho-“Janet challenged Dan to a Brawl” (drago=900gs) (Lumagrowl=900gs)

Ren-*hm…this is a good chance to test out Dan and Drago’s strength* watching

Dan-“Ability Activate Galactic Dragon” Drago shot a fireball that turn into a tornado at Lumagrowl, as Drago went up by 500gs. (Drago=1400gs)

Janet-“oh give me a break, Ability Activate Garm Shield” Lumagrowl made a barrier and blocked out Drago’s attack “this is Ability also Nulifies the opponents Ability, Now for another performance *sessh I gotta stop hanging out with Jesse* Ability Activate Skoll Fang” Lumagrowl charged at Drago and bite him making his powerlevel dropped by 500gs (Drago=1100gs)

Drago-“ahh!” he cried in pain


Janet-“this is the Power of the Legendary Drago? Hahaha I’ll just finish this for you quick” pulls out another ability card “Ability…”

Dan-“Ability Activate Spinning wall!” Drago’s body turned into a fiery like tornado tossing Lumagrowl off making him hit the ground hard.

Janet-“Lumagrowl!” the attack took 500gs away from Lumagrowl and gave it to Drago (Lumagrowl=400gs Drago=1600gs) Lumagrowl turned back to ballform as Janet’s meter dropped.

Marucho-“Go Dan!”

Jake-“just one more battle to go”

Ren-*so he is strong*

Lumagrowl-“how can we lose to a human?”

Janet-“I vision this except he used a different ability…” she blacked out as Dan did too.

Marucho, Shun, Ren and Jake-“Dan! Janet!” as they ran to them.


Dan-“where am I?...Janet?” he ran over and woke her up “Janet?!”

Janet-“huh?” wakes up “Dan?” as she looked around “Gundaliea?...”

Dan-“is that what this place is?” looks around as the two got up.

Emperror Barodius-“Destroy all enemy Bakugan, all forces advance” the bakugan on Gundaliea’s side was fighting off the other Bakugan.

Janet-“so this is what’s going on…” as she passed out again.

Dan-“Janet!” then he passed out as well.

Real world….

Ren-“Janet are you okay?” he sounded worried, as Janet started to open her eyes.

Janet-“yeah im fine…Dan started to wake up.

Dan-“Janet do you know something that we don’t?” Ren looked at Janet as Janet looked down “well?”


To be continued...

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