Zim is Keith Clays 19 year old son .



Dice Skyress and Zim

Dice Skyress was really smart and gave Zim advice Zim grew up with Dice Skyress when Dice Skyress was killed

Zim used only Pryus Mock Dragonoids to brawl and was really lost.

M-Mk2 Hynoid (Mercury-Mk2 hynoid)

When he was a hynoid he met Zim and Zim wasnt lost any more when Hynoid evolved into Flame Hynoid he gained a since of humor then he evolved into Mercury Hynoid and his Joke scale went up to were he goofed off until Hynoid got beet down and he begin acting serous Then hewanted to be made into M-Mk2 Hynoid and he can control his jokes ,laughter,etc

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