Zero Dragonoid is the final evolution of Omega Drago and is a BakuMutation Mk2 (Bakumutation with 2 attributes and clear)bakugan in ball form. He is now deceased


Wrath had fused with Sigma Helios and Devil Naga to become a BakuHuman and destroy Ultima Vestroia.The Ultima-Zero spirit evolved Omega Drago and Hydro to their true forms Zero Dragonoid and Ultima Hydronoid. Zero Dragonoid is made with the combined powers of Omega Drago,Sigma Drago,and Beta Drago. In the attack against Wrath in his Ultimate BakuHuman form Zero Dragonoid and Ultima Hydronoid used the attack 'Ultima-Zero Quad cannon!' Which involved them flying over eachother as Ultima Hydranoid fired 3 beams and Zero Dragonoid using 1. The attack was so powerful it did not just destroy Wrath but Zero Dragonoid,Ultima Hydranoid,and the Ultima-Zero Core as well. Zero Dragonoid's last words to Kyle were "You were the best friend I could ever have....and the greatest brawler in existance....Goodbye Kyle."

Power LevelsEdit

His Brawling G power is 1000 Gs.

His storyline G power is Infinite.

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