Zane Cole

Zane is a Haos Brawler who works with Jade,he brawlers to become #1,even if it means fighting Jade.


Zane is a 16 year-old boy who grew up in Seattle, Washington with his mother, Anna. He has no memory of his father, who left shortly after his birth. At the present time, he uses Lead Contestir.


He is about 5'8", he is small-boned with a baby like face. He has ivory white skin and grey eyes that shows the evil from within, and messy white hair. He says things that are short and to the poin. He often wears a large black coat thatcovers most of his body.


Zane is usually uptight and always looking for a fight with the top ten brawlers. Others at his school describe him as an evil, snobby, and vengful teen.



-Lead Contestir- Guardian (1100 Gs)

-Blazing Nemus( 5650 Gs)

-Flash Griffon(400 Gs)

-Spartablaster(100 Gs) (Lead Contestir's battle gear)

Gate CardsEdit

-Enemy Down: Subtract 300 Gs from Opponent

-Change Link Force: Reflects the Opponent's Ability

-Battle Release: Stops the battle

Ability CardsEdit

-Laser Blaze: Prevents opponent from activating abilities for one turn. (Lead Contestir)

-Laser Bolt: Subtracts 400Gs from opponent (Lead Contestir)

-Laser Glow: Prevents Opponent from activating abilities and subtracts 300Gs (Lead Contestir)

-Sparkling Gleam: Transfers 200Gs from the opponent to Lead Contestir (Lead Contestir)

-Barrage Gleam: Nullifies the opponent's ability (Blazing Nemus)

-Glare Flicker: Adds 300Gs to Blazing Nemus (Blazing Nemus)

-Lance Spark: Subtracts 200Gs from the opponent (Blazing Nemus)

-Targeted Assualt: Revives a fallen bakugan (Blazing Nemus)

-Battler Bane: Transfers 100Gs from the opponent to Flash Griffon (Flash Griffon)

-Blast Crashing: Switches Flash Griffon with a fallen bakugan (Flash Griffon)

-Energy Way: Transfers 100Gs from the opponent to Flash Griffon (Flash Griffon)

-Combat Gleam: Subtracts 200Gs from opponent (Flash Griffon)

-Spartablaster Sunbeam: Prevents the opponent from using battle gear and subtracts 400Gs (Spartablaster)

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