Is the most powerful ventus bakugan in vestrou 2.hes evolvlos into Necklon dragon.

He came from the town of ventus,where he lived until the bakugan team found ventus town and teamed up with the town.He has 500 gs

abilate cards

  • seplon blast-other bakugan lose 600gs
  • kenondragon-other bakugan lose 100 gs
  • f.h.o.d.-zaknus dragon gets 200 gs
  • good dragon-sudtracks 300gs from the other bakugan
  • bakugan over-other bakugan lose 800gs and zaknus dragon gets 800gs(upgrade)
  • get my why-zaknus dragon gets 200 gs
  • ventus to the max-other bakugan lose 900 gs

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