De- X Masquerade
X Masquerade (nicknamed Bulldog by Blaze) was created by a cloned version of Alice's "Masquerade mask" and one of Robin's machines. He brawlers with Hydranex who is similar to Hydranoid. He is a Darkus brawler. He is known as Avatar Masquerade.


He was created by a cloned version of Alice's Masquerade mask with Robin's cloning machine he brought with him to bring him back as a full person. However there were flaws: His mask turned red and his hair turned grey making him resemble Kurai's human form. In Wrath's Return during The Guardians Trilogy, he redeemed himself by helping Blitz and Hydranoid fight Wrath, which risks his Hydranex. He later fades away and the mask turns purple. Alice gives the mask to Blaze say she doesn't need it anymore.


In the future during Death's Return, his mask is seen and he returns as a ghost and helps Kyle and Blaze reach Death. Death takes the mask as part of his costume, and agrees to join the Guardians again.


He has the almost the same exact personality as original Masquerade, exept now he is more resourceful and a better stradegist.


  • Blaze calls him bulldog because his bark is worse than his bite (because all he does is talk).
  • X Masquerade kills Celia with his dark powers of Evil Blast.
  • X Masquerade is angry due to Barbara resurrecting the deceased brawler Celia.

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