Rage Naga began to see a strange image.A strange creature in a land of death. A voice called out to him "Im going to destroy you. This new body of mine was once used by a human. It's to powerful to be in the hands of an idiot." A demonic combination of a human,a helios, and a naga came into view. "You are..... that one who Jason failed to see. The one that dragonoid and that hydranoid defeated. Im going to beat you myself!" Rage Nage yelled as he charged at Wrath. Wrath and Rage Naga got into a heated battle but Wrath threw Rage Naga almost a mile.Rage Naga knew he needed Jason.He began to call to Jason.Wrath looked over to see a boy. "You must be Jason." Wrath chuckled. A glowing boy was standing next to Jason. "You ready man" said the boy. "More than ever. "GAUNTLET POWER STRIKE!" Shouted Jason and Blaze

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