Wrath is a Pyrus/Darkus hybrid Brawler
Picture 115


Wrath was born as Trik Varien 12 years ago to Shade Varien and Samantha Varien. He spent 8 years of his life a normal child (Like someone else) then was recruited in the Bakugan Cloning Project. His brother Kevin Varien had been recruited 5 years before at the age of 15. His activity until he was 12 is unknown. He then at 12 was devastated when Omega Drago eliminated his brother and vowed revenge under the name Wrath. He stole the bakugan Omega Helios from the laboratories of the BCP and went searching for Omega. He stumbled upon Omega and Kyle and brawled them. He lost the brawl after almost killing both Omega and Kyle and went insane 2 days later and began to search for them even more. He found them 5 weeks later and brawled them with Omega Helios. Omega Helios evolved during the battle and became Sigma Helios but they lost again. After yet another brawl 3 weeks later Wrath lost any bit of sanity. He developed a way to fuse himself with his Bakugan and became a human and bakugan hybrid. In this form he almost destroyed the Ventus Village completely but Kyle, Blaze, and Death stopped him. He was turned sane again, and became a valueable asset to the Brawlers, until Death Blaze came back, and released the Chaos Monsters.

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