Wolfox is a fox-like Bakugan he opens like Harpus. He is Robin's Guardian Bakugan.



He has a big mechanical tail and two pairs of mechanical wings with blasters on them. He can shoot a strong laser from his eyes. He is one of the most powerful cyborg Bakugan there is. Wolfox is also strong because of his Ventus Attribute. He is very skilled with agility and speed.


One day before Wolfox bocome cyborg Robin was battling against Bart when the both of them activated two strong abilities .A crack in the dimensions opened and sucked them into it. They saw Wofox and Lenes fighting. The power generated was so high that the place exploded. The explosion blowed them and every one took a Bakugan Robin took Wolfox and Bart took Lenes. Then Robin tried to upgrade Wolfox because he was damaged and he did it! then he and Wolfox were partnars to save the universe.

Ability cards
  • Cybernetic Lightining:Transfers 350 Gs to Wolfox
  • Space Dash: Brings the opponent to it's base level and adds 200 Gs to Wolfox
  • Cyber Spark:Transfers 300 Gs from opponent to Wolfox and his team.
  • Heavy Comet:Halves the power of any ability and Bakugan and cancels the Gate Card.
  • Spinning Comet:Transfers 250 Gs from opponent to Wolfox and cancels the Gate Card.
  • A.R.U.S:Makes Wolfox 100 Gs higher than his opponent and nullify all activated abilities with no exception.
  • C.B.S.:Allows Wolfox to use three of opponent's abilities.
  • Uni-strike:Adds 1000 Gs for every Bakugan on the field.

Fusion abilities Edit

  • Fox Laser:Transfers 500 Gs from opponent to Wolfox.
  • Fox Laser L2:Transfers 700 Gs from opponent to Wolfox.
  • Fox Laser YV:Transfers 850 Gs from opponent to Wolfox.


  • All of Wolfox's evolution's are cyborg.
  • Wolfox is the only Bakugan that can change his attribute to a Battle Gear Attribute.
  • A.R.U.S. Stands for Atomatic Reparing and Upgrading System.

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