max and susan went to school even though there parents were missing . so after schol they went into that store form yersterday too plan about th team there forming so the to teams went to bakugan valy they climed down stepped clifs and finaly were in the cave max had turened on his filsh light and stared looking that was untill they got seperated form each other they dint notice that untill they turen around . susan saw darkeness because max was gone so she used the light form her phone and stared lokkin around the light awanked bats susan stared to run she fell down a edge and was holding on for her life until she stared to scream for someone too help but she became surprise when she herad a voice the voice said dont worry human therese a place were u can find a ledge pull your self up and look down it was a bakugan the bakugan interduce its self hi my name is hoas spartacus oh well thats a coll name said susan its also a long name do u mind if i call u sparks? sparks replied yes you may human may i ask u waht your name is oh my name is susan sparks replied with oh were goning to make a good team i can see aldery susan asked sparks how now is on her sholder how we can get out just go the way you came down herew by oh ans soon enough susan got her on bakugan and they meet back up with max max said ohh how cool that is i want one real bad susan repiled with well see (fined out what kind of bakugan maxs get next chapter_)

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