It was 12:00 am and max ducan had a dream  :IDAN KUSO WAS AT ANOTHER PLANET NAMED zurgo held captive dan said: juile runo shun and murocho mria baron ace jake and fabia were aloso held capitive at zurgo and that the leader mr.sinster was going to destory earth because there was no one able too stop mr.sinster army on earth dan toled max to form a group off kids to help fight these war and rescue the battle brawlers .max woke up with a shake on his head his mom sayed wake up its time to go to school . max was a 15 year old boy and dient have very maney ferinds so how was he sopusted to find a group off kids to help him fight a war if he dint have ferinds max thought . about what dan said he had too help him the hole
world was in his hands after school he was runing home when he saw a space ship park on top off his school some how he know it was mr.sinster and his army when he was runing he ran into a betifull girl named susan he know that mr.sinster spotted her she would be in danger also so max grabed her hand and ra in to a empty store and head behined the register cabnet and susan said whatare you doing ihave to go home. max said that someone was after them and toled her about the dream some how to maxs surprise she know about the dream she had it to but how do we find bakugan said susan we cant fight back unless we have bakugan max know where to find bakugan . there is this place caled bakugan valey his parents took him there on a vaction when he was 12 he saw a strnge likking ball figure when he was there but he left hit alone . he said we have to go to bakugan valey tomorrw after school max said mett me hear after school susan said okay but what now max repiled with i dunno thats justwaht hear until mr. sinster was gone . thet were allrite they boyh went back home and selpt the nite but he woke up and saw his parens gone he caled susan and she said her parents were gone to and at the same time they both said mr.sinster ( what are they gonna do fined out next chapter) !!!!

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