lucy vs susan max

well susan came back and stared talking about her bakugan and remberer were still in bakugan vally so susan went with max to find his bakugan so they finaly found a bakugan and he wasent a good sport he always was fighting with sparks and telling him how storger he was then sparks when they return out if the valey they were acompied by mr.sinters dather lucy and then lucysaid your going to regreat tring too stop us.gate card set bakugan brawl rise darkus impules .what are we gonna do sais susan well were gonna brawl gate card set bakugan brawl lets go pryus hipnatude abilty activte dark spring said lucy 300 gs subtract form hipnatude has 400gs left gate set bakugan brawl rise haos spartacus abilty active haos repuleser impulse has 300 gs left abilyt active fire jetsterm said max impulse has returend into a ball agian the battle was over susan and max won they recaled there bakugan back too ball form then all of a suden lucy vanished susan and max won they chered and finaly belived that they could save the battle brawlers and the world form the war ( but things are goona get hader then they seam ) next time on bakugan were gonna get a new member s he eveil i dunno find out your self

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