"Yet Another, has Come Back Again!"-Vincen


This Bakugan Was Made During The Winter Solistice. It Was More Or So An Uncomplete Creation, And It Died When The Solistice Ended.However, DUring The Time he Was Show, he Was Incredibally Powerful.

Personality, Traits, And AbilitiesEdit

  • None Like The Other Necr Bakugan. He Is Much More Aggresive Then The Others And Seems To Be Blind. he Had A Very Unstable Strusture, Which Killed Him.
  • He Is A Blind, Very Aggressive, and Un-FInished NecroBakugan.His TIme Alive Was 30 Minutes. His Power Was Unstable, he Seemed To Be A Type Of Leondias' Species, and Is Oddly Weighted. He Seems TO Be Weaker Against Pyrus Bakugan.
  • Rip Out: Adds 300gs
  • Sound Driver: Negates One Opponents Ability, Adds 210gs.
  • Smash Claw: Negates The Gate Card, Transfers 200gs.
  • Black Heart: Halves The Opponents G-Power
Fusion Ability::Edit
  • Carver Claw: Adds 120gs, Negates One Ability. Fuses With Rip Out.

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