Vincent Black
Gender Male
Attribute Subterra Attribute
Guardian Drought
Other Bakugan See Listing

"Necromancy, what an Opportunity."-

Vincent, Thinking Of His Possibilities concerning Bakugan.

State Of MindEdit

Vincent Black, Is A Seemingly mad Scientist Who Tries to Revive Fallen Bakugan. He Actually Does this Because Of His Disease eating away at his Brain, So he Hopes he Can Bring Himself Back At All Costs.


He Actually Desinged Altair, hades, And Wired. Wired ad Altair Were ment TO Have Always Been One Bakugan, But When He Sent The Designs To Clay, He Built Them Apart. When He Snet The Design Of Hades, He Actualy Designed A Stronger Power Core To Keep Him From Powering Down A Lot, But He Never Sent The Design Of The Core.He Was Also Thought To Have Made Designs For The Newly Known Mechanical Bakugan, BUt Said That He Did Not. But Said Taht Clay Had Improved His Original Design.Currnetly, He Is Working On A New Design For A Bakugan Presumed To Be Named Centrias.


Using The Bakugan Solitice System, He Uses The Certain Lays of light Or Darkness to Revive Fallen Bakugan's Particles, Often Accidentally Fusing A Few Species.If He Ever Uses This System On Any Other Day than A Solstice, The Bakugan Would Just Be Rematerialized, but Still Dead.The Main Thing He Does Is Fuse Enemy Fallen Bakugan, to Test The Strengh He Can Bring Out.

Bakugan CollectionEdit


Black/White Color Scheme, A Built In Transporter, Link Adjuster, The Data Of His Main Hard Drive, And The Blue Prints For Altair And Hades.

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