Underworld Wavern is a Darkus dragon-like Bakugan.

Chosen BrawlersEdit

Viri Alpha (Main)

Chernabog Muerte (Temporarily took Wavern away from Viri)

??? (Viri's true identity)


Wavern has a calm and loving personality. Whenever Viri is sad Wavern will try to do something funny or charming to make him happy. When Wavern is in a brawl she sometimes becomes angry and full of hate. In this 'Berserker state' her Gs rise by 10 with each minute. When she enters this state of anger Viri must end the brawl or win the battle to bring her out of the state. Wavern is also very smart and 'home schools' Viri when they have free time in the HQ. When she is annoyed she will physically hit somebody to make them stop doing what they're doing.

Defining TraitsEdit

Underworld Wavern has defining traits from other Waverns that earned her a unique name.

  • U. Wavern has a flipped Darkus coloration
  • She has a triceratops like horn formation on her head
  • She has seperate arms from her wings
  • Her tail ends in a large stinger-like spike
  • Her ball form has the top bottom half of a Naga.


Wavern is the last of Viri's bakugan with the ability to speak and his last bakugan in general. After days of not speaking to him Wavern finally spoke on the first night of Viri's membership.

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