Ultra Duark is the evolution of Chaotic Duark and the second evolution of Duark.


  • Attribute: Darkus
  • Power: 1100Gs
  • Owner: Kurai


Duark is alot larger than before. Although he's not Aquos, he has a little blue in him. He is also white but he's not Haos either.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Darkus Striker: +700 Gs to Duark - 600 Gs from opponent.
  • Dark Explosion: -300 Gs from opponent +500 Gs to Duark.
  • Good Copy, Bad Copy: Allows Duark to make 4 clones of himself +550 Gs.
  • Destruction Impact: Paralyzes opponent for the next attack and + 700 Gs to Duark.

Fusion AbilitiesEdit

  • Darkness Power: Allows Duark to use any of the opponents abilities.
  • Energy Shift: This ability takes away half of the opponents Gs if they have 200 more Gs then Duark.


  • Most people believe this will be Duark's final evolution, but he will evolve even further later on (example: Maxus Duark).
  • Since Duark was created by energy from the Perfect Core and the Doom Dimension, he is very unusual.
  • He is the one of the only bakugan that has more than 200Gs more when he evolves (not counting Maxus bakugan).

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