Ultimate Wepon Wolfox is a maxus bakugan made of Wolfox + Triple striker + Teror Gear + battle claw + Glotrnoid + Raptorix.


  • Power: 3400 Gs
  • Owner:Robin


  • Claw Strike: Transfers 800gs (Battle Claw)
  • Terror blow: Subtracts 900gs
  • Triple Blaster: Adds 900gs
  • Destruction Glow: Doubles current G-power
  • Grand Blaster: Halves opponent's G-power
  • Ventus Blaster: Transfers 700gs
  • Aqous blow: Transfers 500gs
  • Pyrus Magma Cannon: Transfers 600gs
  • Haos Spark: Transfers 650gs
  • Subttera Hammer: Transfers 550gs
  • Darkus Gravity Cannon: Transfers 600gs


  • Ultimate Crusher: Transfers 1500gs

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