Ultima Vestroia has 8 exclusive Bakugan attributes that only exist in bakugan from Ultima Vestroia or sometimes a clone.





Shattarin:Glass (The name has a mispelled version of Shatter in the name)

Genetro:Genetic (Can change the D.N.A of Bakugan)

Bomblos:Explosive (Can use attacks involving bombs)

Ultima:Given power by Ultima Vestroias bakugan

Ultima-Zero: Has an article

Known bakugan of these attributes (Besides Ultima-Zero)Edit

Omega Drago:Genetro (Not completely)

Nuke Dragonoid:Nuklus,Bomblos

Aqua Ocean Queen Naga: Vaporus (and Aquos)

Zero Dragonoid:Genetro,Ultima

Ultima Hydranoid:Genetro,Ultima

Fear Omega:Shattarin,Genetro,Bomblos,Nuklus

Bakugan Clones without Genetro attribute but another Ultima Vestroia attributeEdit

Sigma Helios:Shattarin,Mechros

Destruction Tigrerra:Bomblos,Mechros

Depression Apollonir:Nuklus,Mechros


  • All clones without Genetro attribute are always part Mechros because of having cybernetic implants for battle

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