Ultima Hydranoid was the guardian bakugan of Sarah Akira (Kyle's mom) and his nickname was Hydro and he was a perfect Darkus/Pyrus hybrid


The Ultima-Zero Core's spirit body put D.N.A of a hydranoid into a Bakugan Cloning Project lab. The clone made was a perfect clone but he rebeled against destroying defectives.Hydro escaped the lab after almost being destroyed and met up with Sarah. She got into brawling and taught her son how to brawl at the age of 8. When the agents attacked their escape with Omega Drago and Kyle was an important matter. After many brawls the Ultima-Zero spirit told Hydro and Omega Drago that they both would be the ones to defeat Wrath in his fusion form with Sigma Helios MK2 and Devil Naga.Hydro evolved into Ultima Hydronoid and Omega Drago into Zero Dragonoid and they attacked and obliterated Wrath but destroyed themselves and the Ultima-Zero core in the process.


As a hydranoid his G power was 670 gs

As Ultima Hydranoid he has 1000 Gs In brawls but when defeating Wrath in the story had infinite Gs.

Cards (Abilities)Edit

(the quad cannons are on the Omega Drago article)

Sickle Tooth:Gains 300 Gs

Hydranoid Multiplication:Grows 10 extra heads and instantly wins a brawl

Cards (Gates)Edit

(Has none)

Cards(Fusion Abilities)Edit

Megalodons Fear:Gains 700 Gs if Sickle Tooth is in use.

Deadly Serpents:Grows 50 extra heads and instantly wins a brawl while sending one of the opponents unused bakugan to the used pile (Ultima Hydranoid must have at least 500 Gs for this and Hydranoid multiplication is not required to activate this)

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