Ultima-Zero HydroDragonoid is a bakugan which is a fusion of Hydro as Ultima Hydranoid and Omega as Zero Dragonoid.


After the destruction of Wrath,Zero Dragonoid,Ultima Hydranoid,and the Ultima-Zero core a group of strange people began to plot a way to bring the core back to power their bakugan mind control machine. The plan was unsuccessful as a new bakugan created escaped. Soon Kyle found the bakugan and it reminded him of Hydro and Omega Drago mixed together. When the bakugan began to talk Kyle and his mother Sarah knew it was Omega and Hydro mixed together as one. The bakugan and the two family members began to fight the group called Bakugan Controllers and destroyed several bases. The thing that hurt their attack on the group was the revival of Wrath and the re-mind control of Death and Naga Skyress. HydroDrago [his nickname at this point] was aggressive in battle and mostly just used force. He almost destroyed Death and Naga Skyress but this removed the mind control effects and brought up affection for Naga Skyress from Omega Dragos personality in the body. This reawakening of love did not last long as Wrath attacked and an attack called 'Ultima-Zero Boosted Destruction Quad Cannon[or UltimaZeroBDQC for short]completely destroyed him and HydroDrago.This caused many tears among our brawlers but the heroic effort was not forgotten.


He has 1400 Gs in battle and it can't be raised higher than 3000 Gs



  1. Ultima-Zero Quad Cannon:Lowers the opponents powers by 300 Gs and raises players bakugan's power by the same amount.
  2. Unleashed Potential:Adds 300 Gs
  3. Ultima-Zero Boosted Destruction Quad Cannon:Raises Gs by 400.(Can only be used on final of opponents bakugan)


  1. Final Hit:If opponent has used a battle gear or trap you receive that gear or trap
  2. Call of Omega:Lets player roll 1 of Omega Dragos forms which have an extra 100 Gs
  3. Call of Hydro:Lets Player roll the 2 forms of Hydranoid which have an extra 100 Gs

Fusion abilities

  1. Beta's sacrifice(Also Sigmas sacrifice,and Omegas sacrifice):If opponent has a Beta Drago or etc. on their team they can bring a used pile HydroDrago back to unused pile (Must be using unleashed potential on one of the bakugan)
  2. Final Potential:Allows player to raise HydroDragos Gs by a limit of 600 (Must be using Unleashed potential on HydroDrago)
  3. Ultima-Zero Final Quad Cannon:Gains 300 Gs

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