The Ultima-Zero Core is an energy sphere that is the balance of Ultima Vestroia. It is 40 times stronger then the power of the Silent and Infinity cores combined. It contains a dimension called the Zero Dimension inside. It was contained inside Shadow Apollonir and Shadow Exedra.They were destroyed and the core was used to power the Bakugan Cloning Project cloning machine. It was stolen by Child Wavern. It was later lost to Sigma Helios who at one point noticing the power Omega Drago had gave it to Omega. It was destroyed by The New Brawlers.


It is a sphere with 10 orbs circling around outside. It has a dark Purple, Blue, and Grey coloration.

Ultima VestroiaEdit

This is the product of when Vestroia and Ultima Vestroia were Grand Vestroia. An unknown event split the worlds in two and Ultima Vestroia became unknown. It is covered in a desert landscape and most plant life is extinct.

Zero DimensionEdit

The Zero Dimension is similar to the Doom Dimension. It has a lush and vibrantly colored landscape which is what Ultima Vestroia once was. It represents the worlds past and is guarded by Destruction Tigrerra. All bakugan who get sent here immediately get destroyed.


Shadow Apollonir deceased
Shadow Exedra deceased
Child Wavern Lost to Sigma Helios
Sigma Helios Gave to Omega Drago
Omega Drago Current


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