Brawler 1-Name and Bakugan:Kyle and Omega Drago (Leonidas1234)

Brawler 2-Name and Bakugan: Clash and Wavern.


Kyle:D.N.A.sensor online!Omega Kyle formation! (transforms to Omega Kyle)

Clash: I didn't know this was BakuHuman, Wavern Terminate Battle!

Kyle:I was joking (transforms back) Gate card set!Bakugan Brawl! Omega Drago stand!

Clash: Wavern I summon you!

Kyle:Omega is the ultimate bakugan so I wont lose.

Clash: Me and Wavern are tight we will never lose to Amateurs like you!

Kyle:Im not an amateur. I was trained by the brawler Dan Kuso.

Clash: Grandpa? Wow. You're smart. S-M-R-T! Ability Activate Moon Dragon Eclipse!

Kyle:Ability Activate!Zero Dimension Power Absorption! (Omega Drago transformation to Zero Dragonoid and power rise to 2200 Gs)

Clash: Wavern he had no idea whatsoever what that ability did.

Wavern: He's never seen a Bakugan as powerful as me!

Zero: What is that pain it feels like I'm being ripped apart!

(Wavern's attribute changes to Darkus and beats Zero)

Clash: Since she's the moon Dragon the blocks the sun, (Pyrus) so it can't do anything, then destroys it with one attack, get my drift loser? Pop didn't teach you well enough.

Ref: That was Clash, kid of the future!!!!!!!!!

(Kyle at 60% life force)

Kyle:Ability Activate!Ultima and Genetro connection! (Zero Dragonoid power rise to 4000 Gs and loses Pyrus attribute for Mechros)

Clash: I was hoping I could save this for later but your PUSHING MY BUTTONS!!!!!!!! Battle Gear, Boost! Moon Cannon! (Non Mechanical Battle Gear that looks like AirKor but is only Cyborg, the wings are the only natural part of it!)

Kyle:Gear Bakugan* activate! Gear Dragonoid** Stand!Battle Gear Boost! (Zero Dragonoid power boost to 4600 Gs)

-*(Battle gear that looks like normal bakugan but can be shifted to battle gear shape)

-**(Gear Bakugan that looks like Dragonoid,Boomixx,and Zukanator mixed)

Clash: Kyle you just care about winning, a Bakugan feeds off his masters feelings my calmness and will gives Wavern and the Infinity Core strength. Your Dragonoid will do anything to "win" Wavern Terminate the battle they don't deserve to battle us.

Kyle:This battlefield does not allow battles to be terminated.

(An aura surrounds Kyle and he becomes Wrath and Zero Dragonoid becomes Ultima Zero Helios)

Clash: you set me up!

Wrath:Yup. Time for Wavern to be destroyed so my Helios can get closer to ultimate power by absorbing her.

Clash: Wavern call Blitz!

Wavern: I use the Infity Core to summon Bltiz Dragonoid!

Blitz and Blaze: you rang?

Blaze: Hey Clash, use your most powerful ability on 3! 1, 2, 3,!

Clash: Ability Activate Shining Light Dragon, Infinity Waver!

Blaze: Ability Activate! Extreme Flame of Pyrus!

(Destroys Sigma Helios and battle ends)

Wrath:He is no longer Sigma Helios. He is Ultima-Zero Helios!

Clash and Blaze: Now he's gone Doom Card obsorb!

(doom card obsorbs Helios and sends him to the Doom Dimension.)

Wrath:That was a decoy. Now!

(Ultima-Zero Helios destroys Blitz and Wavern from behind)

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