Typhon is a sea monster-like God Bakugan debuting in Bakugan Battle Dimensions. An Aquos Typhon serving as the Guardian Bakugan of Dismal Ancient Caspian Torrent, they also come in the Haos, Ventus, and Subterra attributes in the game.

In the AnimeEdit

Bakugan Battle DimensionsEdit

Typhon makes his debut appearance during a battle with Shun Kazami, his Master, Caspian, attempting to stop the Master Ninja from reaching his kidnapped friend, Dan Kuso. Shun uses his newly-found partner Ventus Zeus to battle Typhon. As Shun and Zeus do not trust one-another and do things their own way at first, Shun struggling to learn the new battle system placed before him, Typhon gains the upper hand. Once Zeus and Shun learn to accept each other, however, Zeus is able to win the battle. Caspian then flees, taking Typhon with him.

After invading Marucho's house, Caspian is encountered by Shun and Dan, who intend to capture him for interrogation on the plans of the Dismals and the Attrivite species as a whole. The Aquos Dismal doesn't go down without a fight, however, Typhon facing both Drago and Zeus. Caspian loses despite his great skill, taken as a hostage for the Brawlers.

Caspian's capture does not go unnoticed, however, fellow Dismal Terra Vale sent to rescue him. Together, Terra and Caspian challenge Dan and Shun to a brawl, as the Brawlers had attempted to stop Caspian's rescue. Caspian's Typhon teamed up with Terra's Subterra Atlas, even the combined strength of the two alien beings and their Bakugan not enough to stop the Brawlers. Defeated, Caspian flees Earth alongside Terra, taking Typhon with him yet again.



Bakugan FormEdit

Ball FormEdit

In the GameEdit

While the only Typhon appearing in the Anime is of the Aquos attribute, they also come in the Haos, Ventus, and Subterra attributes in the game.

Ability CardsEdit


  • Typhon receives his name from the Titan of Greek mythology, one with power over storms and the elements.

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