„Subject:Pyrus Dragonoid=G LvL. Under 400, Pyrus Dragonoid does not represent a Danger!However,he beated Jetskill V1 everytime.„

Turbo Jetskill is the evolution of Jetskill.


TurboJetskill is the evolution of Jetskill and a more, mightier, bigger, calculated and quicklier one.



Turbo Jetskill

Turbo Jetskill being scanned by Macubass Zero.

-Evolutions:Superturbo Jetskill, Jetskill Colossus

  • Jetskill Strikeon Dicedam:

Rolls a dice.

If dice lands on ventus-Every ventus bakugans are eliminated

If dice lands on pyrus-Every pyrus bakugan has automatically 100 Gs.

If dice lands on haos-Jetskill G is 2000.

  • Zakiri Low:Adds 300 Gs To Turbo Jetskill.
  • Gurren Blastier:Substracts 400 G from every bakugan.
  • Dust Barrier Gekai:Nullifies the ability of opponent and every gate card.
  • North Wind:Substracts 300 G from every Haos and ventus bakugan.
  • South Wind Gekai:Automatically kills all subterra bakugans.
  • Zatt Shinday:Adds 100 Gs to Jetskill if his Gs is under 700.
Fusion AbilitiesEdit
  • Jetskill Slyer:Doubles the G Level of Jetskill if his G level is under 600.
  • Jetskill Overlord:???
  • Jetskill Slayer:???
  • Jetskill Gaia:???


  • He calls his unevolved form „Jetskill V1„ .
  • His three fusion abilities (Jetskill Overlord,'Jetskill Slayer,'Jetskill Gaia) effects are unknown However when he used Jetskill Overlord, He launched a giant electricity ball,when used Jetskill Slayer he slashed the enemy whit a giant saber and Jetskill Gaia would make the ground down the enemy errupt.

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