Tsukiyo KayamiEdit

Tsukiyo Kayami
Gender Male
Attribute Darkus Attribute
Guardian Darkus Merdidagon Blazoid
Other Bakugan Darkus Vernoga Dendion

Noctis Dissidia II Art

Tsukiyo's first appeareance in the manga

Tsukiyo Kayami is a teenager, Darkus Brawler from a unknown Planet. He is the main protagonist in the upcoming new Bakugan show called Bakugan: Metal Across. He has a sword which he uses during wars. His Guardian Bakugan is Darkus Merdidagon Blazoid.


Tsukiyo wears a black shirt with black pants with white lines. He has brown leather gloves and a bag in his bottom which he keeps his Bakugan and his gold. He has a sword made out of platinum and metal which he uses in wars and tough battles. He has black spiky long hair. Also when he is in battle, his eyes become red. But if he is safe and isn't currently challenged, his eyes turn back to normal (Blue).


Tsukiyo was a handsome, tough boy born in an a capital on a city in a mysterious, unknown world. He currently lives on Earth.

Tsukiyo was given a powerful ancient Bakugan by his father which his father found on a God's Place, which his father can go everytime when his father wants to. Tsukiyo and Merdidagon got close together as they had friendship so long.

Tsukiyo, at the age of 14, found out that his father died. Tsukiyo's mother decided to go to another planet they even don't know except they know it's safe. Tsukiyo was only curious about the people's personality. They go into a house they created with Tsukiyo's mother's powers, shared with Tsukiyo's. They lived there for many times..


Tsukiyo only has 2 Bakugans so far. His Guardian Bakugan is Darkus Merdidagon Blazoid.

Darkus Merdidagon BlazoidEdit

  • Attribute: Darkus
  • Power: 900g


  • Tsukiyomi Spin
  • Dark Breath
  • Dance of the God
  • Power Thrust

Darkus Vernoga DendionEdit

  • Attribute: Darkus
  • Power: 850g


  • Catch of the Eye
  • Vernos Thermos
  • Night Terra


Tsukiyo is quiet, tough, handsome, kind, thanksgiving and polite. He loves Bakugan, friends, money and swords. He is also smart and great at fighting.


  • He hates his own butlers.
  • He loves only one girl and he tries to fulfill his dream.
  • He is the only one who uses weapons a lot.

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