Gender Male
Attribute Ventus Attribute
Guardian Disseckter
Other Bakugan Drayek

Tristan is a loud, cocky Ventus brawler and often gets angry or irritated when things don't work right or something unexpected happens. His partner is Ventus Disseckter, who shares his cocky and confident attitude. Tristan is a member of the team of brawlers called Blade.

Bakugan: AccelerationEdit

Tristan challenged Mieko Asada to a brawl, who accepted the challenge after he briefly argued with Kaina, another member of Blade. Tristan won the brawl due to him using his Battle Gear, Gold Synther, on Disseckter.


  • Ventus Disseckter
  • Ventus Drayek



  • Blade Dissect


  • Wind Rise
  • Danger Draft


  • In deutsch (german) language, Drayek (the name of the secodary bakugan of Tristan) means triangle.

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