Trevor Morrell
Trevor Morrell
Gender Male
Attribute Any Attribute
Guardian Delta Ravenoid
Other Bakugan Many


As a young child Trevor was bullied endlessly. At one point in time the Brawler Dan Kuso saved him during a fight. After the Bakugan arrived,Trevor decided to follow in Dan's footsteps and become a Brawler.


Trevor's first Bakugan was a Darkus Nexiona,he was an exceptional Brawler when he had this,however eventually he lost it to David. Trevor was,for a time,an unsuccessful brawler losing all his battles. However,he eventually obtained a Ravenoid which was later revealed to be his Guardian Bakugan. After he received this he quickly became an adept brawler. Trevor quickly rose to the number 4 spot of the top ten Brawlers. Trevor would remain in this spot for approximately 3 years according to the book detailing his brawling career.

Number FourEdit

Fall to the bottomEdit


While Trevor never technically died,he had a 'rebirth' of sorts,when after falling from the number four spot to the bottom for unknown reasons,suddenly became a well known name again.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Trevor is a tall and skinny kid,upon looking at him people seem to think he is malnourished though he isn't. He usually wears a black short sleeve shirt with a slightly larger orange shirt below it,it is rare to see him without some form of music in his ears. He wears a gauntlet on his right wrist. Trevor would later change his appearance after becoming the number 4 Brawler, to an unzipped white sweatshirt emblazoned with his nickname TAPS with a red shirt below it.

Opponent Outcome
Unknown Win (unseen)
Unknown Win (unseen)
Unknown Win (unseen)
David Loss
Don Loss
Jacob Loss
Kamille Loss
Heero Win
Kamille (rematch) Win
Jacob (rematch) Win
Don (rematch) Win
Heero (rematch) Win
Heero and Kamille (Tag with Don) Win
Heero and Jacob (Tag with Kamille) Win
Heero and David (Tag with Jacob) Win
Daniel Kuso Unknown


Darkus Delta Ravenoid 650 Gs
Pyrus Jade Mantris 450 Gs
Ventus Sonic Clawcer 500 Gs
Subterra Falconeer 550 Gs
Darkus Nexiona (Shortly) 450 Gs
Haos Theta Saurus 345 Gs
Pyrus Terrorclaw 600 Gs
Aquos Preyas 500 Gs
Ventus Elfin 600 Gs
Aqous Dragonoid 450 Gs
Gold Slycer 200 Gs (Battle Gear)
Darkus Gorem 300 Gs
Haos Saurus ??? Gs (In flashback,possibly Theta Saurus before evolution)
Pyrus Mantris ??? Gs (In flashback,not Jade Mantris pre-evolution due to the loss of it)
Ventus Clawcer ??? Gs (In flash back,possibly Sonic Clawcer before evolution)
Darkus Ravenoid ??? Gs (In flashback,possibly Delta Ravenoid before evolution)


Trevor is the protagonist of the upcoming story Bakugan Battle Brawlers:Number Four

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