Trenton X is the form that Trenton took when he was cleaning up chemachil which is an unstable substance created by Marucho, he is a bakugan that's now owned by Zartonex

G Power 900
Battle Gear None
Attribute Darkus
Variations Hyper Trenton, Omega Trenton, Sigma Trenton, Destructo Trenton and Silent Trenton
F.A. Transformation
M.A.V. Rail Rider

Ability cards

Black Lightning, -500 to each opponent

Gamma Jet, Transfers 400 to Trenton X

Hunter Gun, +300 to Trenton X

Dimension Pit, Nullifies the opponent's ability

Phantom Blaster, +100 to Trenton X

Hyper Missile, +200 to Trenton X

Rouge Cannon, Changes an opponent's attribute

Claw Destroyer, Transfers 600 to Trenton X

Jumpy Target, Transfers 300 to Trenton X

Misfortune, Sends an opponent's ability back at them with double the strength

Venom Breaker, -200 for each ability played

Slamdown, Nullifies the opponent's gate card

Fusion ability cards

Poison Release, -50 for each 100 gs

Forbidden ability cards

Vestroia Omega X


Omeganos Bezerkato X

Omeganos Crazietron X

Earth Shocker X

Light Breaker X

Phantom Release X

Blaze Inferno X

Water Stream X

Slice Tornado X

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