Gender Male
Attribute Ventus Attribute
Guardian Fearinoid
Other Bakugan {{{other_bakugan}}}

Toby is one of Kurai's allies. He's a real show-off. He's a Ventus Brawler on his guardian is Fearinoid.


Toby was born in Ventus village. At age 6 he became a Ventus brawler (because he lived in Ventus village). At age 17, he became Kurai's partner after Geoff betrayed him.


Toby is a bit of a show-off, much to Kurai's annoyance. He is hard to beat. He has studied the Ventus attribute for years, making him quite knowledgeable about the Ventus attribute.


  • He first appears at the end of "Dragon Mountain' making it possible he will appear in "Revenge of Wrath" (Wrath also teams up with Kurai in Dragon Mountain).
  • Kurai doesn't let him brawl much because he ruins battles with his "show boating".

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