The Order is a group of brawlers that are suppose to keep balance between good and evil. They turned corrupted and evil after an explosion in the Darkus Dimension. They all turned back to normal later, except there Aquos Brawler, Kaitlin, who turned back in Death's Return (and was the only member to appear onscreen at the time).


  • Joe - The Leader of The Order. He is the Pyrus Brawler.
  • Craig - The most powerful brawler of The Order. He is the Darkus Brawler
  • Kya - The wisest brawler of The Order. She is a Haos Brawler.
  • Ryan - The most spiritial brawler of The Order. He is a Ventus Brawler.
  • Eric - The strongest brawler of The Order. He is a Subterra Brawler.
  • Kaitlin - The smartest brawler of The Order. She is a Aquos Brawler.

Minor MembersEdit

These members are allies to the Order and when the original members became corrupted, they had to keep everybody safe.


  • The original members used to be the most powerful brawlers in the world, but was later beaten.
  • The Order was the Guardians of both Vestroia and Earth after the Guardians' disslution.

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