The Gaurdians trilogy is the second Storyline chronologically of the Bakugan Fanon Wiki.


The Guardians are a group of kids trying to defeat a kid named Trik who turned insane under the name Wrath. Along the was they met a new Brawler named Klara partnered with a Nuke Dragonoid who was Wraths ally.


  • The Beginning.


  • Blaze (Main protagonist)
  • Kyle (Main protagonist)
  • Lash (Blaze and Kyle's friend)
  • Geoff (Kurai's former partner; Blaze and Kyle's friend)
  • Masquerade (Temperorary Guardian in Wrath's Return; Ghost in Death's Return)
  • Death
  • Klara
  • Kurai (main antagonist)
  • Wrath (main antagonist)
  • Toby

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