It wasn't just battling for fun. This was hardcore battling. It was 2025 and Dan Kuso was fighting his final brawl. But he didn't know it yet. "Ability Activate! Helix Dragon Pounce!" His Bakugan Drago starting glowing Red and out of nowhere the battlefield started to crack and break. Somebody was destroying The Perfect Dimension where all the Bakugan and human's lived in harmony. Dan channeled his thoughts and connected with his Bakugan Drago. "Drago, go to her and let her take you, she will you to our son, please protect him; i will create 4 Dimensions. Dan hesitated trying to think of the safest places there is. "On earth I will brainwash the humans and put them in a Modern City, Where you will protect my son until the time comes... There will be a dimension called Ultima-Zero Vestroia, where the powerful beings, Gamma, Alpha, and Beta will reside. "There will be the current Neathia Vestroia, with the Perfect Core, and one more where I will place two humans in charge, A human called Monarus, and Recgameboy, and it will be gaurded my the A Core. I will get everybody out of this Dimension and teleport them to the other ones. Leave me here just keep Blaze safe, Also a personal favor, keep safe the children Kyle, Tom, and Lash which I have told you about" Drago opened a portal and teleported to earth. He heard a scream and the dimensions were born. He must protect Blaze Kuso, gaurdian of the Universe, Kyle, the destined owner of the Ultima-Zero Core, and first BakuHuman, Agent Lash, the Gaurdian of Kyle, Tom Uraya, the owner of the Shadow Bakugan, Recgameboy and Monarus, two brawlers to protect A Vestroia. And all the humans and Bakugan that live on this world.

Chapter 1: Wake up, get out of bed drag a comb across my headEdit

Blaze's alarm clock rang and woke up. A Bakugan was floating above his head. "Hey little buddy who are you?" Asked Blaze. more to come sorry.

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