This shows how everything started


Blaze Kuso and Kyle Akira we're playing tag at recess while Blaze's Bakugan popped out of his pocket. "Aki and Lumino, this is school and the teacher might take you away!" exclaimed Blaze with a frightened look. "Blaze me and Griffon don't think that we should be allowed to bring Bakugan, because of that Wrath dude on the loose." Said Kyle. "Kyle who cares, we need to go into that Bakugan lab and get back the sample of DNA they took from Lumino!" Blaze said with an intent look. Kyle started to shake. "FINE I'LL GO MYSELF!!!!!" Screamed Blaze. He starting running toward the gate and did a double flip landing in a ninja pose. Kyle ran after him and struggled over the gate. Blaze hopped onto his hoverboard that he just got and strapped in. Kyle jumped on his and they flew towards the Cloning Lab.

Omega DragoEdit

Blaze ran down the hall doing flips making no sound whatsoever while Kyle was just tip toeing behind him. Blaze ran forward while the alarms starting going off. "Kyle go grab it!" Hissed Blaze. Kyle ran toward the DNA sample and a Bakugan behind him screeched. It was a Snapzoid and a Clawsaurus closing in on him. A flash as a huge Bakugan that looked like a Dragonoid shot a huge burst of light at Snapzoid and Clawsaurus and they fell backwards. "Run child as you can, the guards are coming to destroy you!" said the Bakugan. "But first what is you're name?" asked Kyle with a worried look. "I am Omega Dragonoid, but at the moment something called Sigma Dragonoid." replied the Dragonoid. Kyle grabbed the DNA console as Omega Drago turned into ball form. Kyle grabbed him as he and Blaze ran outside.

Bakugan AgentsEdit

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