I think we should do BakuNews like the one that the Bakugan Wiki does, how some writes a blog entry and it comes up as news. If you wanna spam, scram! Agent Z is the man! Word! 13:18, July 5, 2010 (UTC)

backugan-ceroosover-waith-beybalide Edit


Hi, I am Lukas Guida Vasconcellos Santos Nascimento, of the Darkus attribute, the Dark Dragonoid with wing tips.Edit

Hey, it's me, Lukas Guida Vasconcellos Santos Nascimento, my new story of Bakugan: New Ages, as with help of Zilghidorah as helping Zilghidorah!!!

I am now the villainous Darkus N.E.X. Dragonoid, I was talking, I came to destroy all the Vestroias, gwa ha ha ha ha!!!

backugan-ceroosover-waith-helloktty-and-frainds Edit


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