I think we should do BakuNews like the one that the Bakugan Wiki does, how some writes a blog entry and it comes up as news. If you wanna spam, scram! Agent Z is the man! Word! 13:18, July 5, 2010 (UTC)

Hi, I am Lukas Guida Vasconcellos Santos Nascimento, of the Darkus attribute, the Dark Dragonoid with wing tips.Edit

Hey, it's me, Lukas Guida Vasconcellos Santos Nascimento, my new story of Bakugan: New Ages, as with help of Zilghidorah as helping Zilghidorah!!!

I am now the villainous Darkus N.E.X. Dragonoid, I was talking, I came to destroy all the Vestroias, gwa ha ha ha ha!!!

I may be the same Lukas Guida Vasconcellos Santos Nascimento who had an username as the real full name, but now my new username is "Ace Grit the Darkus Hero".Edit

So, the administrator Abce2 guy blocked me in the Bakugan Wiki just for one week, at least he even did it to me. It's a lesson to "stop insisting on other members of the FANDOM to talk about the blocks, fanons, or some other things that will be soon considered as the SPAM in case of nobody wanting anything that talks about the blocks or fanons", well done to me, I understand! Sorry for insisting, it's not just that I didn't see, but it's also that I didn't know, but I was warned several times by these guys who insisted on me not to send messages about blocks and fan-fictions. This is it, so I am now learning the lesson of this Wiki here whatever.

I am Ace Grit, of the Battle Brawlers Resistance in the New Vestroia!!! This is my Guardian Bakugan called Darkus Percival. 12:34, July 18, 2017 (UTC)

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