Taka is a darkus/ventus hybrid brawler and the future son of Death


Not much is known about who his mother is but Death was the only person to explain as a father with Taka having Ultima-Zero Skyress. In his time the Ultima-Zero core was reawakened but it exploded and infected all the bakugan which turned them all into illegal bakugan with Gs with no limit.

He battled Aqua and stole all of her bakugan. Death helped Aqua get back her bakugan and they brawled him with their guardians. Naga Skyress evolved into Ventus Queen Skyress and defeated him and learned of the connection between Taka and him.


He usually wears a black shirt,jeans,and sneakers.He has white hair but dyes it his mom's color. He came from the year 2050.


Ultima-Zero Skyress:Infinite Gs

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