Synther is a Battle Gear that, when equipped to a Bakugan, appears as four bladed wings. Tristan has a Gold one, which he uses on his guardian, Ventus Disseckter.

Bakugan: AccelerationEdit

Tristan used Synther twice in his brawl against Mieko Asada. The first time it defeated Ventus Aurora with it's ability Second Row Blazra, and the second time it defeated Ventus Zephin with it's ability Deca Blader.


  • Prime Feather Blazra:
  • Second Row Blazra: +150Gs for each hit (up to two hits.)
  • Deca Blader: +100Gs an opponent's attack is nullified.


  • Synther's name is a combination of the words Synthetic and Feather.

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