Swellow or Swellow Jentra Britland is the main villain and antagonist in

Bakugan: Power's Heirs.


Swellow is an every-element brawler besides the fact his Bakugan is Aquos.He appeared in the first episode „The begin of power” were Dan mets for first him.Swellow is dressed, he is very Happy but when he loses he acts like a Bully.He revealed that his original name was Jesse in episode 20 „Nova Fight”.He has red hair but on his head he has one-kind-of hat that is yellow.


  • Macubass Zero (Guardian Bakugan)
  • Macubass Z Colossus (Evolution)
  • Killowatt (Second Guardian bakugan)
  • Vilantor Korbia (Battle Gear)
  • Sparta-Hurricaune (Bakugan Trap)
  • Zeus (Tested, later given to Shun Kazami)
  • Alto-Luntatyos (Temporary Guardian Bakugan)(Destroied)
  • Frooze Titanox
  • Flame Mammotoh
  • Cross gearshoter
  • Asaiaa
  • Asura Basra
  • Farakspinus
  • Zeon Rous

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