„Rip!Tear!Gnash!They all make the same delightful noises,Is it not Drago?„

Suberturbo Jetskill is the penultimate evolution of Jetskill.


Since this evolution,Jetskill got much personality as the accent whit he speaks and the replies he uses proving that he really has a superior intelect.He got also vengeful.




  • Talon Tracker:The speed of Jetskill increases and prevents the opponent of using abilities.
  • Akator Zoom:
  • Athlon Row:
  • Marquee Strike:
  • Short-Fuse Explosioned:
  • Coulain Zam:
  • Magmar Cooldown:
  • Metaldocks Ahoy:
  • TinTrans:
Fusion AbilitiesEdit
  • Shocktangler:
  • Electrotangler:

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