Storm Skyress is a phoenix-like Bakugan and Shun Kazami's second evolution Guardian Bakugan. She is noble with a chivalrous spirit and fair in battle. She evolves in Cyclone Storm Skyress.

Ability Cards:

  • Destruction Meteor Storm (Destruction Delta Storm): Adds 100 Gs to Storm Skyress.
  • Whirlwind Lightning Sword (Whirlwind Lightning Storm): Transfers 200 Gs from the opponent to Storm Skyress.
  • Green Wave: Adds 200 Gs to Storm Skyress and another Ventus Bakugan.
  • Lightning Talon: Transfers 200 Gs from the opponent to Storm Skyress.
  • Storm Stinger: Nullifies all the opponent's abilities.
  • Gust of Wind Blow - Destruction Meteor Storm:
  • Valiant Fang - Soar Green Destruction:
  • Blow Away: Brings the opponent back to base level.

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