Solar Dragonoid
Attribute {{
  1. arraymap:FuocoPyrus/OscuritàDarkus hybrid|,|~


Power 900 (Pyrus) 950 (Darkus) G
Variations All of Dragonoid's variations

Solar Dragonoid is a variation of Dragonoid. His Battle Gear is Silver Aero Hurricane.


Solar Dragonoid has got very large yellow wings. His tail is very long but he keeps it usually shortened and is visible only seen from the back. It has got very long arms and three pointy horns on the head.


Most of Solar Dragonoid's Ability Cards are a reference to spacial objects.

Ability CardsEdit

Ability card's name Effect Type Attribute
Hydran Chaos The opponent's Bakugan loses this round. Ability Card Darkus
Tornado Ocean  Transfers 800Gs from the opponent to Solar Dragonoid. Ability Card Pyrus
Pyrus Nightmare Solar Dragonoid can use only Pyrus Ability Cards (except Darkus Blast). Ability Card Pyrus
Darkus Blast Solar Dragonoid can use only Darkus Ability Cards (except Pyrus Nightmare). Ability card Darkus

Infinite Vulcan

Nullifies the effect of Pyrus Nightmare or Darkus Blast and adds 700Gs to Solar Dragonoid. Fusion Abilty Card Both Pyrus and Darkus
Rebel Core  Subtracts 950Gs from the opponent. Ability Card Pyrus
Galactic Dragon Subtracts 1200Gs from the opponent. Ability Card Pyrus
Hyper Exploder Prevents the opponent from activating Ability Cards until the Gate Card is open. Ability Card Darkus
'Lightning'Star Adds 1700Gs to Solar Dragonoid Ability Card Haos
'Crimson'Lightning Star Adds 2500Gs to Solar Dragonoid Fusion Ability Card Haos
'Ultimate'Lightning Star Adds 900Gs to Solar Dragonoid Ultimate Ability Card Haos
Aero Hurricane Adds 1400Gs to Solar Dragonoid Battle Gear Ability Card Pyrus
Hyper Nuclear Burst Transfers 1950 Gs from each opponent to Solar Dragonoid Battle Gear Ability Card Pyrus


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