Slayd is a powerful, ninja-like Bakugan debuting in Bakugan Battle Dimensions. Coming in the Ventus, Haos, Subterra, Darkus, and Pyrus attributes, a Ventus Slayd was once Dismal Ancient Jade Wingblade's Guardian Bakugan before she obtained Ventus Aether.

In the AnimeEdit

Bakugan Battle DimensionsEdit


While Slayd is a Bakugan of few words, showing no mercy to opponents and treating those he distrusts or disrespects with a cold attitude, he is very loyal to his Mistress, Jade Wingblade. He plays it cool and uncaring, secretly cherishing the bond he has shared with his Mistress since her childhood deep within his heart. Despite the fact that Slayd has always pulled through for Jade in battle, even saving her life in some intense instances, he is dealt a tough blow when Jade replaces him with the God Bakugan Aether as her Guardian Bakugan. An even stronger wound that still haunts him to this day is the memory of the battle Jade waged against him to test Aether's power as well as Slayd's worthiness to remain a part of her team. Slayd defeated in battle, he is abandoned by his beloved Mistress to fend for himself. Only love for Jade remains in Slayd's heart despite the recent cruelties he has suffered, however, Slayd appearing one last time before her during the final battle between all dimensions and the Attrivites. The newly evolved Ventus Great Aether having been destroyed, Slayd gives his life to save his Mistress a final time, an action that would change his Mistress forever.


Bakugan FormEdit

Ball FormEdit

In the GameEdit

Although the only Slayd seen in the Anime is of the Ventus attribute, they were also released as Darkus, Haos, Pyrus, and Subterra Bakugan in the game.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Blitz Shuriken - Subtracts 200 G's from all opponent Bakugan. Opponent Gate Card nullified.
  • Twin Katana - Adds 500 G's to Slayd. Opponent Ability Cards nullified.
  • Doom Scythe - Slayd G-Power doubled. Opponent G-Power dropped to 0.


  • Slayd's name is derrived from the term "slayed" or "to slay", which means "to kill another violently". This choice in name is a reference to the twin scythes that Slayd carries, weapons often assosciated with death, as well as the Bakugan's aggressive personality.

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