Request skyla by dana karienda-d3ayi1i
Drawn by Dana Karienda on DeviantArt as a request by ShokoraNeko.
Full Name Skyla (She should have a last name but her creator just can't think of one.)
Race Vestal
Age 16 (New Vestroia)

17 (Gundalian Invaders)
18 (Mechtanium Surge)

Birthday June 8
Height 171cm (5' 7")
Weight 46.4kg (102 lbs.)
Attribute Borealos
Guardian Bakugan Moonlit Monarus (New Vestroia)

Nebulous Monarus (Mechtanium Surge)

Other Bakugan Bakugan Trap Chrysalis (former)

Skyla is the former princess and current queen of Vestal, and subsequently the daughter of Zenoheld and older sister to Prince Hydron. Typically, she is kind and mild mannered, and enjoys listening to others rather than talking to them. Unfortunately though, if nobody is keeping a close eye on her, she'll slip away from a group, usually just to go and sit outside somewhere- especially if there's snow on the ground. Despite her typically kind personality, if you upset her, you'll be in for a world of hurt, as she won't hesitate to grind her heel into your back.

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