Sklash is a skeleton Bakugan, with a hat. He has 600 Gs.


Sklash attacks his foes with his claws. He is light gray in color. He wants to take over A Vestroia.

  • : +200 Gs, and nulifies the opponent's Abilities.
  • : +250 Gs.
  • : +200 Gs, and nulifies the opponent's Abilities.
  • Followers: Moves opponent to whatever Gate Card the user is on.
  • Card Swap: Swaps whatever Gate Card the user is on with another one on the field.

A Story IIEdit

He, Prickley, and Jim showed up just outside of Ventus Village to see if their still unknown plan worked, where he was called "Some new guy" by Birdagon.


  • I almost named him 'Achmed' after another skeleton.
  • As of 06-01-2010 I have an actual design for him.
  • Sklash and Prickley have the most Abilities of all my Bakugan here.


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