You are looking at the ability. You may be looking for the evolution of the same name.

Sigma Power Up is an ability that is only used by Phi and Sigma Helios. It is not illegal unlike the form of evolution as it just powers up Sigma Helios and gives him more Gs instead of causing the evolution. It was also used by Wrath in a more potent form when he was controlling Omega Drago when he turned into Sigma Drago. It comes in 5 versions of the 2 types.

Type 1 'Sigma Power Up'Edit

Basic:200 Gs

V.2:300 Gs

V.3:400 Gs

V.4:500 Gs

V.5:600 Gs

Type 2 'Ultimate Sigma Power Up'Edit

Basic:300 Gs

V.2:500 Gs

V.3:700 Gs

V.4:900 Gs

V.5:1200 Gs

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