This is for the Form of evolution. You may be looking for The ability

Sigma Power Up is an illegal form of evolution and can be unlocked by using illegal abilities or through times of extreme anger and extreme stress.


In Sigma Power Up the bakugan being evolved is restrained in some way or not if they want to go through it willingly. Then they are usually put into extreme stress or powered up with many illegal abilities. For a fact the ability with the same name is not an illegal ability but an ability only for use with Phi and Sigma Helios.

Sequence of transformationEdit

A bakugan being evolved will be in extreme pain and it looks as if their sigma forms are bursting from them instead of them morphing into it. Many brawlers consider this form of evolution evil due to the extreme abuse imbued to the bakugan.


The powers of this evolution as stated are considered evil. The abuse the bakugan is going through before,during,and after the evolution can create some of the most villainous bakugan in existance. There is a myth that Dharak was born from causing a dragonoid to go through Sigma Power Up.

Bakugan transformed through Sigma EvolutionEdit

Sigma Drago

Sigma Helios

Sigma Blitz

Sigma Trip-Slash

Sigma Demokro

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