Sarah Akira is the mother of Kyle

Backstory (From beginning of A clones anguish to Wraths hybrid attack)Edit

Sarah and her son began to go on a long journey when agents attacked their home. She was dubbed a strange women by the agents because she is a brawler and an amazing one at that. She has brawled several agents and never lost to any of them. This is because of her guardian bakugan Hydranoid.

Now to get back to the story she soon met Devin as an agent and immediately recognized him even in a disguise because of how good a friend he had been to Kyle. She brawled him but this was her first loss. She soon went after Devin when he went after Kyle but was to late when she saw them brawling. During the brawl Kyle fell to the ground. Devin began to get worried and ran over to him.

Sarah knew that there was always going to be kindness in his heart. She was very nice to Devin after that. She even gave Devin a blessing after he got sent to the Zero Dimension defending a sick Kyle.

Role in Revenge of WrathEdit

She and Hydro become part of the guardians even though nobody expects her to be a good brawler. She surprises them with her skills and becomes a permanent member of the guardians and embarrases Kyle a lot.

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