Samurex is a Bakugan made by the Pyrax Hawks. Jamal called on all members and they started to create dna codes. When a hour did pass it was born. A ninja looking Bakugan with Aqua skin hard as Sub-Terra, swift as Ventus, cold as Darkus, loyal & brave as Pyrus and the wings of Haos. He is the guardian of the Great Shadow Hole. If someone jumps into the darkness he will destroy the person. If the person is able to get through the long hole, the person will survive and get new powers.

Powers and special abilities:Edit

Samurex is one of the few Bakugan strong enough to handle a Demon Bakugan.. He can use any attribute he want and is using knive formed energy blasts. He is able to become invisible and make illusions. He is also one of the few to have the E-Virus(Exa Virus). His battle gear is his Exabet, wich all E-Virus Bakugan got, as the other Exabets his is customised. It looks like a cannon that fires purple boomerang looking energy waves. His G-power is unknown. But it has raised to 10 530 G but it did decrease.

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